I write about characters seeking more life.

Hank Lawson

I became depressed about the age of eight. So, of course, I became a writer. I thought I was depressed because I was bad. When I was ten I thought I found out why I was bad. I began my self-punishment. In my 30s, I found that I wasn’t guilty of that crime. But I’d already formed a habit of self-sabotage. Fighting through it has been rest of my life. Writing has been my lantern.

Hank Lawson is author, musician, and graphic artist living in California. He is the author of two novels, Echo Girl and Two Horizons, as well as short stories. His writings question commonly-held beliefs via history, mystery, and farce.



Echo Girl
Two Horizons

Short Stories

Mad as Matthew Gentry
On the Shore of a Woman




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