Music by Hank Lawson

Music inspired by the novel Two Horizons

Music playing the background: “Oh Delight” by Hank Lawson.


by Hank Lawson

  1. Mehi, Khufu and Their Twin Dawn
  2. Khufu on the Throne
  3. Mehi and An-khi in the Nile
  4. Khufu and Theormi in the Garden
  5. Khufu, Theormi and Subtle Bodies
  6. An-khi, Mehi and Love on Shore
  7. Lady An-khi Along Pools of Rainwater
  8. Queen Theormi Astride the Travel Sea
  9. Mehi Reawakens
  10. Mehi and Khufu in the Great Pyramid

She Loves That Man

by Hank Lawson

*In progress, not yet released.*

  1. Other Voices
  2. Say It Is Me
  3. Woman in a Box
  4. I Hear Your Breathing
  5. Oh Delight
  6. Excited
  7. I Watch You Walk Away
  8. Red Roses
  9. She Loves That Man
  10. Why You Don’t Go Away Now